Service / Maintenance Contracts

We offer the standard heating and air ventilation equipment maintenance and service than you will ever find elsewhere. We are proud to have offered quality services to home owners and corporate clients, who have been delighted with our world class services.

Many people take for granted the fact that their air conditioning system needs regular services and maintenance in order for it to continue functioning optimally. Unfortunately, the system/equipment is left unattended for a long time. In fact, many folks only attend to their air conditioning equipment only when it breaks down. But this is an expensive and more painful method of solving problems. The adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ should be slightly modified to say ‘maintenance and servicing is cheaper than repairing or buying.’

We have all the expertise and know how to accommodate all your needs. If you need an expert to look after your air conditioning system, we are right here waiting for your call. We don’t believe in waiting for things to act before we react; we believe in proactively maintaining equipment. Remember, that equipment cost an arm and a leg. Therefore, you cannot definitely afford to purchase or repair it every now and then and even if you can afford, we believe that
there are many other things you would like to do with your money. All we ask is that you save a bit of it and let us do the servicing or maintenance for you.

The benefits of service maintenance of your air conditioning unit include the following:

• Longer Lifespan of the equipment: Well-maintained equipment will probably run longer because it performs efficiently because it doesn’t get bogged down by constant repairs, dirt or breakdown.

• Better Comfort: problems with your cooling unit can negatively impact on the comfort of the home, even the seemingly small problems. When the indoor air conditioner breaks down or does not function properly, you begin to experience such things as humidity, heat or shorter lifespan of the equipment.

• Lower Costs: air conditioning servicing and maintenance is designed to identify minor problems or prevent problems from developing; otherwise, it costs a lot of money to repair the units. Poor maintenance and lack of service will lead to poor performance
and may degenerate the equipment to total failure. Also, you will save big time on the energy costs if you keep the air conditioning unit at optimum performance through regular services and maintenance.

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