Welcome to ACV TECHS

A heating and cooling system is one of the biggest investments that you can make as a home owner because the systems are quite expensive. Not only that, your HVAC greatly impacts on your monthly energy consumption thus influencing your financial situation.

ACV TECHS is your preferred Air Conditioning installation and Repair Company if you want to receive quality services. By letting us do the installation and repairs for you, you will be discovering why many home owners and business owners trust and prefer to deal with ACV TECHS. One of the greatest mistakes you can do is to let a dubious company handle your air conditioning system; whether you are installing one or repairing a broken component. Be sure you are dealing with a reputable company that has qualified staff, is licensed, is a member of a business bureau, if fully insured and is trusted. You can’t afford to take anything for granted if you want a peace of mind and protection.

pic1 Our level of service delivery and integrity is unparalleled. When we first opened our doors, we were a group of committed business owners who wanted to ensure that the residents remain happy in their homes without worrying about defective HVAC systems. Our principles were simple: we wanted to be honest and fair with our customers, listen to their needs and provide them with the very best of air conditioning installation and repair services. We have ensured that those principles remain unchanged no matter what else changes.

As business and home owners ourselves, we understand the importance of respecting you and your home. We understand that you want to get value for your money and we know that you would want nothing better than a company that exceeds your expectations. That is exactly what we promise to deliver if you choose to work with us. We will strive to live your home in a cleaner and better condition than we found it. We are looking forward to working with your soon.